The Best Keto Diet Shopping Guide for Aldi

Now You Don’t Have To Worry About Your Diet When Aldi Is Here!!

Aldi is a superstore spread across many countries in Europe. The store was started by two brothers who later separated and established their own brands in distinctively separate areas. They have a dominant presence across Europe, UK, and even in the USA. Their well-known policy was never to advertise their products through any external advertising agency. Now to keep up with the times, they have started advertising in a few countries, yet they do not fritter away their money. But they have managed to stay focused on their products using the ‘no frills’ approach.

Aldi is unique and relevant due to its business practices.

The stores have been successful due to their focus on staple goods such as food and household items. Most of these are discounted due to being own brands or locally sourced. They have managed to stay relevant as they always bring great deals to their customers. Their weekly special offers attract customers in hordes. They have two distinct identities as Aldi Sud and Aldi Nord that operate in different parts of the world but their reputation and popularity remain intact. They have a distinctive layout of products in each store, and customers know which aisle to go to easily. This helps people who come with a list in hand and do not want to browse the store unnecessarily. This also allows people to buy specific items like staples for vegan or keto diets.

The Keto diet is possible if you shop at Aldi.

Before we tell you what you can buy at Aldi, let us see what a keto diet means.

The Keto diet is restrictive as it allows the consumption of proteins and fats and limits carbohydrate intake. This diet is designed to help patients with epilepsy to prevent seizures. We have seen that many inventions and discoveries aimed at a particular disease turn out to be the magic panacea for many other diseases. For example, the medicine used for diabetes often helps the patients look younger than they are. In the same way the diet developed to prevent seizures was found to be useful for weight management. Protein rich food and fats release ketones that can be used by the body as fuel instead of glucose. These ketones provide the energy to the body to function. This way, they can shed weight very quickly. Many obese and even healthy people like to follow this diet to maintain their optimum weight. 

The restrictive diet may also encourage people to say such things as 

‘Keto diet is a supremely restrictive diet.’

‘It is not for me as I cannot get all the ingredients 

‘Keto is very expensive.’

All these statements will sound hollow and false if you visit Aldi even once. Their products’ layout has also made it easy for customers to find all the required products very easily. Their in-house brands are cheaper and better than many other well-known brands. They also ensure that they sell more of their brands and do not stock very few high-end or very expensive brands.

What can you buy at Aldi for a keto diet?

You will be amazed at the wide range of food staples and specially curated keto-specific food items available for sale. Most of these are their in-house brands, and some others are well-known and maybe a little expensive. 

1. Meat is the perfect go-to staple for all keto diets unless you are a vegetarian or a vegan. You can find pre-cooked and packaged meats here that you can keep in the pantry at home and have when the hunger pangs hit you. For example, pre-cooked chicken, grilled chicken, or roasted turkey breast just needs to be sliced and eaten. You can add these to your salads or even a lettuce-wrapped sandwich sans bread at home.

  • They have a separate section for high-fat meat, bacon, kielbasa sausage, and bratwurst from Europe. These are ideal as you will feel full for a longer period of time after having some of these meats.
  • You can choose deli meats like prosciutto, canned meat, or jerky to have as snacks instead of being tempted by some carb-rich nibbles.
  1. Keto recipes also include different types of cheese. Amazingly different types of cheeses are available at Aldi, like cream cheese, brie, parmesan, and mascarpone, and pre-shredded cheese that you can use at home in your keto recipes. 
  2. Seafood is a good source of healthy omega-3 fats and full of proteins too. You can eat sea-food to help in your journey of good health. Aldi has wild caught sea-food and fish at discounted prices at times. Even otherwise check that section out for some healthy and tasty options. 

Some more great ideas for a keto diet at Aldi

You can get lots of simple options at Aldi that will make your Keto journey easy.

  • Pork for bacon and other tasty items
  • Eggs can be used in many recipes, including cookies.
  • Lamb for making a perfect keto stew or fried or roasted snacks.
  • Chorizo and sausage but only the low-carb ones.
  • Fish like tuna and salmon or sardines can be used in multiple ways. 
  • Minced beef, high in fat and cheaper than anywhere else.
  • The ubiquitous chicken in myriad forms can be used in almost every meal.
  • Choose dairy items like milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt, high in protein and probiotics. But choose the ones without added sugars. 

Readymade keto food items at Aldi

  1. Parm crisps 
  2. Keto chips – many in-house brands are low-carb chips and keto-friendly.
  3. Pork rinds- These can be used with creamy dips. These should be made using their own fat, and not vegetable oils, to ensure that they are beneficial for the keto diet, so read the label carefully. Ensure that these are not made using any oils that you cannot eat.
  4. Keto mixed nuts- These include macadamia nuts, pecans, walnuts, and brazil nuts. These are good for a keto diet, being very low in carbs and high in fats. Avoid cashews and other nuts that contain more carbs.
  5. Readymade cauliflower rice- that is ready to eat with any keto gravy. You can find many ready-made keto-friendly gravies here too. 
  6. Some ready-to-eat trays that contain cheese with veggies or meat.
  7. Olives/ cheese/ mixed nuts are some easier to use options.
  8. Choose healthy veggies like cucumber, zucchini, mushrooms, cauliflower and broccoli, and spinach.
  9. Fruits like fresh and frozen berries, lemons can be picked up at Aldi for that needed burst of taste. 

Items to avoid at Aldi

You will find abundant high protein food at Aldi. But be careful while choosing the high-fat items too. Check the kind of fat in the product or for hidden carbs. One of the items that you can avoid easily is salad dressings. Instead, opt for unrefined, cold-pressed oils. Olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado are good options apart from good old butter. 

Another thing to avoid is ready-made protein bars. These may have fewer carbs but add up if you like munching on them and have more than once a day. Elevation protein wafer bar claims to contain 2 grams net carbs, but the hidden sugars lead to almost 15 grams of carbs.

Aldi is the go-to place for the keto diet

Aldi has everything that you may need to follow a keto diet plan. You can even find very low sugar/ carb chocolates. Aldi has a dark chocolate option that contains very carb calories. These can be used on your cheat days or as a treat someday. 

Shopping at Aldi is very easy due to their displays and aisle layout. The biggest advantage is that they have many bargains and sales in their stores. Different locations may have different rates of discounts and on different items. They have so many bargains that it is easy to stick to a different diet as Keto easily. Try it once, and you will not go to another store. 

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