Ascend Viral Review: 50,000 New Instagram Followers in 2022

How Ascend Viral Grew Our Instagram Account

Are you looking for ways to grow your Instagram account? The first thing you need to do is wake up to the reality of the situation. Yes, great content is crucial but with more than a billion active users, grabbing followers is quite difficult. There are several accounts with even better content than yours at any given time. So, what can you do? What you need is professional help. However, there are several companies out there claiming to be the best and offering to grow your Instagram account rapidly. Many of them are fake and have only bots to offer which are of not much use. When you want to grow your Instagram account fast, it is best to go to a reputed company like Ascend Viral. 

What Is Ascend Viral?

Ascend Viral is among the best companies globally that can flood your Instagram account with real, engaging followers and help you with a sustainable growth strategy. We wanted to increase our Instagram reach, tried many things, and paid a lot of money to companies and ended up losing the money and not getting any value for it. A friend mentioned Ascend Viral, and we reluctantly agreed to give them a try. It turned out to be the best decision! They are extremely efficient and effective at organically growing an Instagram account. 

How Do They Do It?

What is the difference between Ascend Viral and other Instagram growth companies? Two factors, trustworthiness and reliability, make Ascend Viral stand apart from its competitors. Their process is very simple. When you register with them, they will ask you to complete a progress strategy form and link your instagram account with Ascend Viral. Once they understand your growth goals, they will begin to manually grow your account. It is quite simple:

· Grow your account with real followers

· Find the best hashtags and learn how to use them

· Develop an Instagram strategy with their experience

Personal Growth Assistant

The best part about Ascend Viral is that they realize that every Instagram account is different and clients’ needs also vary. A growth manager assigned to your account will take into account your requirements and, within a few weeks, optimize the growth of your account. Ascend Viral interacts with thousands of people every week to make sure that your account grows organically. With a dedicated growth manager, your Instagram account will start to grow.

  • 100 % organic and natural followers. No need to buy any fake followers
  • Increase in likes and comments. Real people will like and comment on your Instagram account.

All we need to do is post, and the rest of the work is done by our growth manager. 

Why Do We Trust Ascend Viral? 

We trust Ascend Viral because they have been able to deliver what they promise. With more than a billion active users, everyone is competing for the same eyeballs. To grow and stand out in this crowded place requires amazing content and top-class, pinpoint marketing. There are many options for growing your Instagram account, but if you want to do it well, you need to choose the best, which is why Ascend Viral is the right choice. They are trusted by more than 7000 of the leading influencers and companies. What they offer-

  • A personal growth manager
  • 100 % Instagram compliance
  • Target hashtags and competitors
  • Incredible coaching and advice
  • Premium chat support
  • Verified reviews

Convenient And Personalized Packages

Ascend Viral offers two types of packages-

1. Basic: mainly meant for individuals who want to grow their account

2. Professional: people or companies who have a marketing budget and want to invest in promoting their Instagram account safely but quickly. 

It is possible to opt for a risk-free trial by picking the basic package and seeing the results. After 60 days, you can decide if you want to continue and upgrade. Ascend Viral analyses similar profiles to find the best accounts to target their followers. The growth manager will interact with other accounts on your behalf. Since the targeted profiles are already interested in your content type, they are more likely to follow back. 

The growth with Ascend Viral is 100 % authentic, and even after your plan ends, you will not lose any followers. Whether you are trying to grow your personal or business Instagram page, if you want long-term sustainable growth, Ascend Viral will help you. 

Instagram Marketing E-Book

Trying to build and grow your Instagram profile with shady software or bots is not a wise idea. Such methods usually do more harm than any good because people can see through them. You will end up with fake followers and zero engagement. Increasing the effectiveness of an Instagram account organically and reliably is the answer. If you want to try to grow your Instagram account yourself, Ascend Viral has a solution. 

Ascend Viral has a guidebook for people, giving them all the tips and tricks to make your Instagram grow fast and safe. It has expert knowledge that has been compiled over the years and gives you great advice. The guide can help you with a lot of useful information and keep you ahead of the competition. 

Why Should You Choose Ascend Viral? 

  • Find out how pros grow fast without spending money on ads. 
  • Going viral on Instagram. The guide will explain how influencers do this
  • Learn how to make your profile
  • Discover the tips for creating viral content
  • Learn how to use other Instagrammers to your advantage
  • Learn how to attract high engagement followers
  • Create call-to-actions to make people engage with you
  • Going viral on the explore page to get real engagement
  • Use Instagram reels to grow your account

How To Benefit From Increased Followers?

Ascend Viral helps you to gain followers rapidly. How do you benefit from this? Unless you reap the rewards, there is no point in increasing the reach of your Instagram account.

  • Sell shout-outs on your account for extra income
  • Earn affiliate income from other sources
  • Build and promote your services or products

Who Can Use Ascend Viral? 

Anyone with an Instagram account can use the services offered by Ascend Viral. It is meant for anyone wanting to grow their Instagram account. It does not matter whether you are a lifestyle expert, musician, or it’s your pet that has an account; their packages can be customized to fit all types of clients. 

Additionally, with the help of their E-book, you can learn about content creation, monetization, and even master Instagram. Because Ascend Viral is completely manual and with the help of the growth managers, organic growth helps. All the reviews about Ascend Viral are completely positive, showing how effective it is at its job. 


Instagram marketing is here to stay. In the future, the competition is only going to get tougher. When you have the chance to take the lead, you should not waste any opportunity. Ascend Viral helped us grow our account so fast and authentically, we feel you should also try them out. They offer the best solutions and make sure that you reach your goals. Buying fake followers not only limits the level of engagement but can also spoil your reputation. Choose Ascend Viral as we did for real Instagram growth. 

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