Keto at Sonic? You bet! How to eat low-carb at this fast food chain.

What is the keto diet all about?

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb diet that is basically adopted to lose weight and to improve health. The salient features are to cut the carbs to only about 30 to 50 grams in the entire day. The reduction in the number of carbohydrates leads to weight loss and helps tremendously improve blood sugar and heart health. The catch, of course, is to implement the diet perfectly.

So what happens when you are ferociously hungry, and all that is in sight is Sonic dine-in?

If it is Sonic, then you have not to worry at all! Because keto at Sonic is absolutely possible and how!

Ordering keto food at Sonic confidently:

The internet is gaga about Sonic’s low-carb menu. There are a lot of internet pages dedicated to sonic fans that follow the ketogenic food plan. Sonic scores extremely well on a scale of ten when it comes to keto food choice and the quality and satiety level. The pricing is just right too. The taste and ordering experience is often considered subjective, but we have found that most people are very happy with how it tastes. The staff is well-trained and very courteous. They are very helpful with suggestions too.  

Here is what you must order:

It is easy peasy to get carried away when you are at Sonic. There is so much variety you can sometimes forget that you are on a diet. For instance, you look at the display screen of a chili cheese Dog, and your first instinct is to get it billed. But make sure you inform your server that you are on the keto, and he will offer to get it for you without the bread. Isn’t this fantastic to eat your favorite entrée without having to include the carb-bomb buns!

This is one of the main reasons many keto diet followers will prefer to dine at Sonic. No wonder you see all their outlets teeming with customers all the time of the day.

The bun-less Foot-long Hotdog from Sonic is actually very low on carbs, and you can easily eat 2 or 3 without having to worry too much to fulfill your calorie intake.

Sonic is flexible like that:

You can choose anything at Sonic and ask to go bun-less and voila!

The burger at Sonic:

The supersonic bacon double cheeseburger without the bun, of course, is food from heaven. If it will be a takeaway, sonic usually splits the patty and the toppings so that it does not become soggy. All you need to do is to combine the ingredients and add more mustard if need be. It will give a humongous amount of calories up to 1000 or more and only 6 grams of carbohydrates! What is amazing is that it gives 61 grams of proteins too.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich:

Chicken on your mind? No problem! Sonic lays choicest chopped chicken breast on a bed of fresh and crisp lettuce and tomatoes. It looks like a salad and is definitely easier to eat. The meat is juicy, tender, and has a crunch to it. The grilled chicken sandwich that you will order without the bread will become one of your most favorite entrees, and you may consider ordering this every time you come.

Sonic’s keto breakfast menu is amazing too:

1. Sausage and Egg Breakfast Burrito (without the tortilla)

2. Bacon & Egg Toasted sandwich (without the toast)

The taste, as always, is out of the world even though they can improve on the presentation count. Both the entrees do not cost much, and they are quite filling. It’s easy to down at least two of both to feel fuller.

Our recommendation for keto lunch:

Go with the Foot-long Conies with Chili and cheese. Ask to add jalapenos. Remove the bun and ask for extra condiments if required. You can pack in a couple or even three, depending on what you feel like.

We’d recommend going for the double cheese bacon burger if you want to eat light. Remember that whether you dine in or take it away, you will have to ask for extra condiments because burgers at Sonic do not include them.

Options galore:

There are a whopping number of burgers at sonic that you can and want to order without the bun. Try their conies and their NY style of hotdogs without the bum, and you are set for as long as you want. There is a big chance that you will never get bored of dining in at Sonic for your keto meal because there is so much choice and also because their service is so quick; think waiters with skates!

Points to remember:

1. When ordering your breakfast burritos, remember to instruct the server that you are going keto

2. Tater tots and hash browns are a no-no on your plate

3. Remember to tell them not to add toast

What you must avoid:

The side dishes at Sonic are too full of carbs. Say no to:  

– Fries

– Tater tots

– Onion rings

– Chili poppers

– Fried mozzarella sticks

– Desserts are also outside your reach. No ice creams or smoothies, or sugar-laden juices.

The trick-me-not on the menu:

Every restaurant has them. These are the entrees on the menu that will look like low carbs. In reality, they are not. These are the entrée that you must be wary about.

Here is our list:

– No chicken Strips; they have only about 350 calories but are packed with 25 grams of carb even with the small serving.

– Popcorn Chicken is small, but it can still give 12 grams of carbs and only about 200 calories;

– Crispy chicken sandwiches, even without the bun, will give 15 grams of carbs for as little as 300 calories.

– Buffalo Wings have 32 grams of carbs! Absolute no

Hot dogs to avoid at sonic:

1. Corn Dog has 18 grams of carbs;

2. American hotdog has 13 grams of carbs

3. Chicago hotdog is 18 grams of carbs

Condiments to avoid:

Avoid sweet sauces because of their sugar content. So the honey mustard sauce and the bbq sauce are outside the boundary because they are full of carbs and sugar.


The best way to reach the state of ketosis is to reduce the amount of your carbohydrate intake. Ketosis is a state of metabolism wherein your body will burn all its stored up fats for its energy needs. The fat is burnt in place of glucose. The Keto diet recommends that only 5% of calories must come from carbs; otherwise, normal people draw a total of 65 to 70% of their calories from carbs alone! Cutting down on carbs will be very difficult initially, but you will begin to adjust with time and effort. Thanks to Sonic, getting keto meals is a child’s play.

Sonic is keto-friendly because you can order almost all its entrees without carbs being part of your food. Buns, burgers, hotdogs, and sandwich bread can go, but the taste and the satiety remain. What more can you ask for!

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